Features of SchoolMan

School Man includes online website and mobile app (customized for the school). School will have separate admin side, from where they can enter details of student, teachers, staff etc. Parents and teachers can download mobile app from play store.

Parent's version of the app includes communication with teachers, notification from school, GPS tracking, attendance etc. Teacher's version includes attendance, message for individual parent/ bulk message. Teachers can also send photos of progress card/ mark sheet as attachment.

School can also send notifications/SMS to parents without smartphone. SMS includes attendance message, weekly homework, fees notification etc.

SchoolMan assists the school with:-

  1. Documenting all the student’s details
  2. Document progress reports and mark list and attendance of the students
  3. Adding fee structure of different class enabling direct Fees Collection and Management.
  4. Time table of different classes and update them as and when required
  5. Staff allocation to different classes and managing extra/free periods
  6. Communicate with parents via sms/alerts/email
  7. Adding staff details for automation
  8. Collects bio metric attendance of staff and generate reports on a specific interval
  9. Solves Accounting problems for schools by managing the fees and other financial reports
  10. Track the school buses using a GPS system

Teachers can record the attendance of students and communicate with the parents individually or send a common message on a bulk manner.

Parents can download the app from Google play store.

Parents can:-

  1. Pay the fees online without hassles
  2. See the payment history of the fees so as to keep track of fee payments
  3. Receive gentle reminders on fees due
  4. Receive notifications/SMS and emails from teachers
  5. Receive message on special events and change in time table/schedule
  6. Receive the attendance report of their ward
  7. Receive mark list and progress report of the child
  8. Obtain the time of boarding and the time their kid reach school and trip back to home on real time.
  9. Bus Tracking System

  10. A real time GPS tracking system -this ensures safety and timely transit of students.
  11. Arrival and departure timing of buses at each point will be notified to the parents.
  12. Avoid from long-time waits at bus stops.
  13. The system of bus route optimization advantages in boosting the efficiency of school transportation
  14. This would also help in reducing fuel consumption and thereby contributing towards a greener environment.
SchoolMan is a complete management application for school administration, teachers and parents, it provides a web as well as mobile application which can be downloaded from Google Play store. The mobile application will be customized to the particular school with school name.
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